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[Book Tour] The Hunted Series by Jennifer Ryan, Interview & Giveaway

Saved by the Rancher, Lucky Like Us, The Right Bride
By: Jennifer Ryan

Saved by the Rancher, Book One of THE HUNTED SERIES by Jennifer Ryan
Avon Impulse| On Sale: 2/26/2013| E-Book ISBN 9780062268020 | $.99

A million dollar mistake…
Marrying millionaire David Merrick was the biggest mistake of Jenna Caldwell’s life. Two years after their divorce, Jenna is still on the run, relocating to a new place every few months after each terrifying run-in with her ex. No matter where she hides, he always finds her, and each time his temper worsens. Bruised, battered, and bloodied, Jenna takes her lawyer’s advice and relocated to a quiet ranch in Colorado in the hopes that she can finally stop running…
Another chance at finding a safe-haven…
Jack Turner was also running; in the hopes of forgetting about his nightmarish experiences in the army, he’s retreated to his family’s ranch. But Jenna shows up and forces him out of his isolation—and right into her arms. All he wants to do is pull her close and protect her from the world—and especially from her stalker of an ex. But David Merrick is on the hunt for Jenna and he won’t stop until she’s dead.
…And a romance worth the risk
Despite the looming danger posed by Jenna’s ex, Jack and Jenna find themselves inexorably drawn to each other, and just being with one another is healing them—both externally and emotionally. But can Jenna get past the fear factor of giving herself over to another man?

Lucky Like Us, Book Two in THE HUNTED SERIES by Jennifer Ryan
Avon Impulse| On Sale: 4/9/2013| e-Book ISBN: 9780062271327 | $1.99

Too sweet for her own good…
Elizabeth Hamilton is almost where she wants to be in life: she’s got the best bakery in town, she’s the daughter of the most feared and respected judge in the country, and business is booming—but she’s got no one to share it with. No one, that is, except a grumpy cat named The Muffin Man, and a social climbing psychotic stalker of an ex-boyfriend.
But all of the sweetness in Elizabeth’s life goes sour when she sees Sam Turner lying unconscious in the street—with car speeding toward him—she saves him without a moment’s hesitation—and unwittingly puts herself in the path of a serial murderer. As the only one who can identify the FBI’s Silver Fox Killer, she’s ended up in the hospital with a target on her back.

A man who could use some sugar…
Special Agent Sam Turner owes Elizabeth Hamilton his life—and now, he’s the only one who can save hers. After the Silver Fox almost killed the both of them, Elizabeth and Sam can’t help but spend time together, and against his better judgment, Sam gets emotionally involved with the charming, brave woman who rescued him from certain death. Hell-bent on protecting her from an ex desperate to get her back—despite a restraining order—and a psychopath bent on silencing her before she can identify him, Sam is prepared to give up all he has to keep Elizabeth safe…even his heart. 

They set a trap to catch the killer - putting Elizabeth in his hands, with Sam desperate to save her. If he’s lucky, he’ll get his man...and the girl.

“Ryan’s second installment in her Hunted series is a powerfully suspenseful read, juxtaposing a wounded but spirited heroine with two relentless, unsettlingly calculating villains.”
RT Book Reviews

The Right Bride
High-powered businessman Cameron Shaw doesn't believe in love—until he falls head over heels for beautiful, passionate, and intensely private Martina. She's perfect in so many ways, immediately bonding with his little girl. Martina could be his future bride and a delightful stepmother … if only Cameron weren't blinded by his belief that Shelly, the gold-digging woman he's promised to marry, is pregnant with his child.
No matter how much his friends protest his upcoming marriage to Shelly, Cameron knows he has a duty to his children, so he's determined to see it through. Will he find out in time that Shelly's lying and Marti's the one who's actually carrying his child? It'll come down to the day of his wedding. After choosing Shelly over Marti at every turn, will he convince Marti she's his world and the only woman he wants?

Author Info
Jennifer Ryan writes romantic suspense and contemporary small-town romances featuring strong men and equally resilient women. Her stories are filled with love, friendship, and the happily-ever-after we all hope to find. Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, three children, dog (Bella), and cat (Shadow). When she isn't writing a book, she's reading one.

Author Links
Twitter: @JenRyan_author / https://twitter.com/JenRyan_author

Praise & Press for
Jennifer Ryan

USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog:

“Cowboys are one of those things that never go out of style. Hollywood and writers like me immortalize them on screen and in print. So what makes them such great heroes?”

Read the full article here.

Romantic Times loves Ryan’s writing...

“Ryan has created an emotional story of love and redemption and proves she certainly knows how to create an atmosphere of constant fear for her heroine and readers alike. The complexity of the main characters gives the book a welcome depth, and their growing intimacy mitigates much of the darkness left in the wake of the story’s formidable villain. With memorable secondary characters, including a remarkable dog named Sally, this is a reading experience not easily forgotten.”

Read Romantic Times’ full review of Saved by the Rancher here.

“Ryan’s second installment in her Hunted series is a powerfully suspenseful read, juxtaposing a wounded but spirited heroine with two relentless, unsettlingly calculating villains…the connection between the two leads is stronger than speech and touchingly palpable. The secondary characters provide a great deal of insight into the world of the story, and a touch of the mysterious in the form of a psychic tipster provides interesting flair.”
Read Romantic Times’ full review of Lucky Like Us here.

…so much so that they had her do a guest-post:

“Rough, tough and rugged, cowboys may not immediately scream "romance" (although, let's be honest, they definitely scream "sexy"), but author Jennifer Ryan thinks a cowboy makes the perfect valentine.”

Read the full Romantic Times post here.

What sparked your interest in becoming a romance writer?
My love of books. I'm an avid reader. I'd read a really great book late into the night and have those last few chapters left to read in the morning. I'd find myself lying awake through the night filling in the storyline with one plot possibility after another. I'd be so excited to finish the book in the morning to see how it ended.  
Writing a book seemed a monumental task, one of those talents I wished I had, like playing the piano or singing. I can't do either, but they are both things I've tried. Okay, I still sing in the car.
I had an idea for a book, the characters living in my head, and thought I'd give it a try and see if I could really do it. If it sucked, no one had to know. That first effort needed a lot of work, but I finished the book and felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Cut to several edits later and a lot of polish and help from my wonderful editor and Saved by the Rancher - Book 1: The Hunted Series became a national bestseller. Not bad. And completely amazing. I think I finally found my talent. 

Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
  1. I eat chocolate with just about every meal. Cookies are breakfast.
  2. I love country music and hard rockin' chicks like Pink and Kelly Clarkson.
  3. I married my high school sweetheart and we've been married 22 years this September.
  4. I almost died during my pregnancy with my second son and spent seven months on bed rest carrying my daughter.
  5. I have a superpower. I can literally block everything out in total concentration when I'm writing, despite the TV, three children, dog, cat, and my husband all competing for my attention.

Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?
In most cases, I only know the opening scene. Once I write that, I let the characters take me on a ride. Most of the time, I don't even know how the story ends. Even when I think I know the overall storyline, something shifts and it goes in a new direction. That's what I love about writing. The story takes on a life of its own as I discover the characters and they come alive on the page. 

What is your favorite scene in your new release?
One of my favorite scenes comes from The Right Bride - Book 3: The Hunted Series. Marti and Emma are having a chocolate milkshake tea party.

She and Emma sat cross-legged on the dining room table drinking milkshakes out of the finest china teacups Marti had ever seen. They used a silver water pitcher to pour their “tea.” A china plate overflowed with cookies. The sugar bowl was filled with cherries they dipped in the chocolate shakes and popped into their mouths...
The two of them glowed under the crystal chandelier, spilling light over the sparkling jewels and the gold of Marti’s gown and Emma’s wrap. His little princess had a chocolate mustache and jelly from the cookies on her hands.
They made such an amazing picture. Two beauties having a tea party on top of a grand table in a grand room. He would have never thought to do something so amazing and imaginative for his daughter. Marti not only thought of it, she’d put the whole tea party together in a matter of minutes.
Their joined laughter had rolled over him, filled his aching heart, even in the face of learning his oldest and dearest friend was dying. George meant so much, had been a huge influence in his life. He filled a gap in his life Cameron hadn’t realized healed a bit more with each gesture George made toward him. Every game he attended, every encouraging word, every opportunity provided by George had filled the gaping hole in his heart. Losing George would be a profound loss for him and Emma.
Looking at Marti now, Cameron realized he owed George for her too. He’d brought Marti into his life and Emma’s and in a matter of days she’d made a huge impact on both of them.
Cameron wanted her. He realized his life was going to be less than whole without her in it. He felt the loss of her, even though he’d never had her.
“You two make a pretty picture,” he said from the entryway.

If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? And why?
There's a little piece of me in all the characters I create, but I have a special affinity for Marti. We have a lot in common, like loving being a mother, making fairytales into reality, and a strong sense of self. I'd love Marti's wealth and time to travel the world. She's got an adventurous spirit I'd like to have. I'm more of a homebody.

Flirting Questions
What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex? I love great biceps.
When was your last kiss? My husband never leaves in the morning without kissing me goodbye and giving me a pat on the ass while I'm still half asleep in bed. He kisses me hello each night. It's our thing.
How did you meet your significant other? I applied for a job after school at the local Domino's. He worked there and asked if I needed help. We worked together for a few months, flirting like crazy, before I asked him out.
If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be? Anywhere I can sit on a beach, listen to the ocean, be with my yummy husband, and possibly find a few hours to read a book.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely.

Flirting Quickies:

Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

Alpha or Beta? Alpha

Planner or Panster? Panster

Coffee or tea? Both, in copious amounts.

Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

Sleep in or get up early? Sleep in

Beach or mountains? Beach in the summer. Mountains in the spring and fall.
Clubbing or candlelight dinner?
Candlelight dinner
Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

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