Monday, February 11, 2013

Celebrating Valentine Giveaway Hop #CelebratingValentine

Celebrating St. Valentine Giveaway Hop


Share a Valentine's Day moment!

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I love Valentine's Day! How about you? In honor of Valentine's Day and the LOVE that surrounds it, I will share an excerpt from the sweet romance, Boy Next Door, a freebie novella  by Melinda Dozier available through Entranced Publishing in April, 2013. 

Boy Next Door is the prequel
 to Time Changes Everything,
available May 2013.
       When Amanda stopped laughing, Jake hesitated a moment. Her eyes searched his face for something and he knew exactly what. To hell with it. He was off at college anyway. One kiss wouldn't hurt. He brought his hand down to her cheek. “And taking you tonight was my pleasure, Mandy. I should be thanking you.”
Amanda looked up at Jake with her warm green eyes. He couldn't hold back. Not when her eyes asked for what his mind told him to do. “Damn, you really are beautiful.” 
Amanda gasped and the sky suddenly surrounded his senses. The clouds stopped moving and the wind no longer blew its breeze. Without thinking, Jake bent slowly and placed his lips to Amanda’s. 

For more information about Melinda Dozier, check out her blog at or

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