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The Warrior's Bride by Jessica Ravera

Title: The Warrior’s Bride
Author: Jessica Ravera
Genre: Historical Romance – short novel
Length: about 79 pages
Publication date:  November  13, 2014

Freya, the village governor's daughter, spends her days peacefully in the woods of pagan Britannia, while in the southwestern regions a war of succession is about to break. The king needs new fighters for his army and her beloved ones are soon taken away from her. 

Her life changes dramatically when a rich woman from one of the counties at war, following orders from her master, pays visit. The warrior prince, her master's son, was looking for a wife of noble descent, in order to secure an alliance between the two countries, and guarantee peace. 

Freya soon finds herself in a new enviromnent, far away from home, with an unknown husband, whose only concern seems to be fighting. While England's history is writing in the background, a woman is writing her own one, facing her fearful destiny with the only help of her craftiness and strength.

The original name of the book is “La Sposa del Guerriero” , and it was first written in Italian.
Later, the author self-translated it in English.

Jessica Ravera was born in Italy. She graduated in Germanic Philology and currently works as teacher. She enjoys writing tales and romances set in the Early Mediaeval Period. She has also written several fairy tales and gothic stories for children. In her little free time, she relaxes by walking her dog, reading old books and dreaming about storms.

Feran walked out of the room. A lot of time passed, before the two could talk to each other again.

Many years before, a few months before Camden and Cedric's departure, a man had made a gift to Freya's father. It was a cage with a small, multi-coloured bird, which came from a country far, far away. Freya was very happy, and took care of him with love, feeding it with the best seeds available and making sure that he had always enough water. But no one had ever heard that bird singing. One summer day, her brother told Freya to free him. She didn't want to do that. It was her pet, and if he wasn't happy, she'd try to make his life even more comfortable. But her brother replied that even if she bought him a golden cage, it would still have been a cage – a place where no creature can sing happily. After hearing those words, Freya thought about it for a while. Then, she decided to open that small door. At first, the small bird just looked himself around, surprised and puzzle like someone that has been awaiting freedom for a long time, and then suddenly finds it. After a few, long moments, before flying away, he turned towards Freya, and whistled a long, elaborate melody, before disappearing in the woods.

That's exactly how she felt now. Stuck in a golden cage.

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