Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Book Spotlight] Shayla's Story by Beverly Preston


~ People come into your life for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime ~

A Reason…
Questioning her relationship with a man who worships politics more than her, Shayla Clemmins escapes reality for the seductive sunsets of Greece. There she finds exactly what she didn’t know was missing from her life, but fears she’ll lose him to her past.

A Season...
John Mathews works hard and plays even harder. When he finds a new passion in the sensual warmth of Greece, he discovers that one lust-filled weekend of romance is just not enough.

A Lifetime...
With Shayla’s past catching up to her and an anonymous threat to her future, can she and John make a lifetime together?

A fever of hot molten lava flowed across her skin, instantly turning her hands damp. Shayla nervously waved her wet hands in the air watching the shadow pace in the lit hallway outside her bedroom door. Flutters danced through her tummy as she tiptoed to the door, silently resting her hand on the handle.
The pacing shadow came to a halt. A hungry smile curled on the corner of her mouth, knowing John could see her shadow beneath to door as well. With only a mere piece of wood between them, her composure fractured sending tingling sensations to the tender area between her thighs.
Her heartbeat drummed so erratically in her ears, she could barely hear the soft tapping on the door. Shayla eased the door open a few inches, trying to conceal her smile. “Hey,” she said softly. “What’s up?”
John lifted a brow, amused by the double meaning of her words. His arm flexed a little pushing the door open a bit further, stretching the thin t-shirt snug over the hard lines of his torso. His gaze wandered keenly from her toes to her face with utter slowness, settling on her eyes. He squinted ambiguously. “I want to ask you something,” she heard in him say.
Engrossed in the fresh scent of his skin, Shayla gripped the handle for support. “Okay,” she panted breathlessly.
John stepped across the threshold, clasping her hands in his. “Stay with me?”
Her thoughts scattered and she dropped her gaze to the floor. He waited until she could bring herself to look at him.
“Don’t act like you don’t feel the connection between us.”
“I do, but-” she hesitated.
“Come with me.” John took a step back, gently tugging on her hands, beckoning her toward the hallway.
In a daze, she took a quick scan of the cami and panties barely covering her backside. Shayla reached for a white silk cover-up hanging on the back of the door.
John snatched the robe from her hands and tossed it onto her bed, shaking his head. “Good Lord, please don’t put that on. You look absolutely breathtaking.”
His compliment made her heart swoon. She poked her head into the hall. “But-”
He pulled her into his arms and Shayla squealed in surprise at his powerful embrace. The rough texture of his palm coasted down the small of her back and cupped her exposed cheek, making her gasp. His smile widened into a slow burn of desire, igniting a fire in her belly. Every fine hair on her body stood at attention.
She swallowed hard. “I can’t make any promises.”
John caressed her arms, pausing before turning the handle of his bedroom door. “I understand your situation, Shay, but if I don’t ask I will never forgive myself.”
“Ask?” The word caught on her dry lips
With a wave of his arm, he invited her into his dimly lit room filled with resort style furnishing resembling a five star hotel.  The lights were dim and candle flickered in the darkness next to a bottle of wine and two glasses. He shut the door behind them.
“I’m not asking for promises,” John spoke against her scalp, his solid chest pressing against her shoulder. Brushing the hair from her shoulder, his hot breath tickled her ear. “I’m asking for the weekend.”

Beverly Preston is the author of Best-selling romance, No More Wasted Time. For the past twenty-one years, Beverly has been a stay at home mom, although she prefers the title Domestic Engineer, raising her four amazing kids.  Along the way, Beverly worked side by side with her husband Don, the love of her life, designing, building and selling custom homes. As her children begin to venture out on their own, she’s left to shed a tear—for a minute—wonder what’s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must’ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.

If Beverly isn’t at home riding her spin bike, you’ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories.

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