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[Book Tour] The Auction by Lyn Austin #giveaway #amreading

Katherine Blake wants a baby. At thirty-three, she has a home and an antique business that she loves, but she is running out of time. Kat hasn’t had a man in her life that she would even consider fathering her child…except her ex-husband.

Michael Blake is for sale. In support of special-needs children, he offers himself up for one week as a prize at a New Year’s Eve local celebrity bachelor auction. The result? His ex-wife buys him to finish the restoration of the hundred-year-old home they bought shortly after their marriage. Or so he thinks. Katherine does expect the remodeling to be finished, but the rest of her plan is more devious. She doesn’t need him to rekindle the one-of-a-kind love that led to their fairy-tale wedding and he doesn't have to atone for the mistakes that led to their divorce, but he does have to...well, deliver.

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When I was in my early twenties I noticed that my grandmother spent her spare time reading romance novels, I asked her why she had chosen the genre. She explained that they allowed her to fall in love with handsome men without pissing grandpa off.

I read my first romance novel that year and have been reading ever since. During my grandmother's last illness, I read to her and in those months I decided to write romances. I thought if I can help someone escape for a couple of hours from the pain or boredom in their lives, or help them see and feel a world of love and beauty that would be a worthwhile contribution to humanity.

My message in each of my books is hope. Hope that there’s someone just right for each of us. Hope that even in our darkest hour there is light just around the corner. And hope that even if life circumstances keep you from a great relationship, you can dream and love and smile.

Connect with Lyn:

What was the first romance novel you read that made an impression on you?
I used to skip class in college to finish a Victoria Holt book, but the first book I could absolutely not put down was Rosemary Rodgers, Sweet Savage Love. I wanted long red hair so much and more than that I wanted Steve’s arms around me!

Who are your dream dinner party guests?
I would love to have my deceased grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I would ask a million questions that I didn’t think of asking earlier and gain their wisdom and find out about the experiences that made them so strong in their lives. Also, I would have my four best friends-- Chris, Julie, Jean and Patti. We can talk about anything and say anything and I know they will understand and not judge me.

What sparked your interest in becoming a romance writer?
In the sixth grade my teacher Mrs. Pugsley told my mother that I was the most boy-crazy girl she had ever had in class in her thirty years of teaching. My mother came home and chewed me out. I remember thinking then, what the hell is wrong with that? And I still feel the same way today. So I decided to make some money at what I was good at…loving men.

How did you get the idea for this particular novel?
The Auction is about a woman who buys back her ex-husband at a bachelor auction for a week. After a twenty-two year marriage my husband and I divorced. We each got engaged to other people and tried to move on, but for some reason we remained friends and relied on each other. Two years later I talked him into marrying me again, thus the inspiration for The Auction.

What is your favorite scene in your new release?
In The Auction, there are two that I just loved writing. One is a horse-drawn winter sleigh ride at night and the other is when Kat’s grandpa, Homer, locks them in the attic for a night and they end up playing the board game Life.
For my newest release called The Quiet Storm, which will be released this summer with Boroughs Publishing Group, my favorite two scenes are skinny-dipping in a clear mountain pond and the most sensual of hair-cutting scenes.

Flirting Questions
1.     What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex?
By far, his smile!
2.     What is an absolute no-no in a relationship?
3.     What is your idea of a perfect date?
Dinner, white wine, dancing and ending up in bed.
4.     If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be?
Portofino Italy, with just me my man in a villa on the sea.
5.     Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, but I believe in first touch.

Flirting Quickies:

1.     Boxers or briefs? Briefs
2.     White or red wine? White
3.     Vanilla or chocolate? Swirl
4.     Morning or night person? Night
5.     Laptop or desktop? Laptop
6.     Beach or mountains? Love them both
7.     City or country? Country
8.     Clubbing or candlelight dinner? Candlelight dinner.
9.     Backpacking or luxury hotel? Hotel
10.Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

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