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Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannon Book Tour & Giveaway

Chasing Sam
Vegas Mates, Book 1
by Krystal Shannan



Samantha Demakis doesn’t want a mate right now. Her birth-rite and family obligations to her status as the first daughter of a noble family beg to differ. In fact, even her wolf seems to be against her. When a chance encounter reveals the man who might just be a perfect fit, will she run? Or will she fight?

Chase Michaels has been alone for seventy-five years. He’s fought in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Afghanistan in the US Army. Somewhat resigned to never finding his true mate, he is shocked when his wolf reacts so strongly to a woman he runs into in the airport. Unprepared for the politics and snobbery of the noble families, Chase finds himself fighting in a different type of war —a war for the heart of a woman he knows should be his.

A lot of things are chasing Sam, but who or what will catch her in the end?



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Krystal Shannan is a born, raised, and current TEXAN. She is married to a wonderful man who supports her dream of writing and allows her to spend many evening and weekend hours glued to her laptop. During the day she moonlights as an elementary music teacher. In addition to a doting husband, a young daughter is also part of the picture and keeps her hopping! An ornery little Welsh Corgi completes the household.

Krystal has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil. She has always dreamed of writing romance and sharing the "movies in her head" with the world. If she's not writing, she's reading -historical, paranormal, action, adventure -anything she can get her hands on that ends with a Happily Ever After!

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Inspiration Behind CHASING SAM

Well…..I saw this picture of this beautiful woman. I love to look at portrait art. I get most of my inspiration from photographs and songs. Anyway, I was browsing through this photographer’s gallery and stumbled upon this one picture. She had such gorgeous blue grey eyes that just haunted me.

She just started telling me a story. Before I knew it, Samantha Demakis, “Sam”, was a fully developed character. She told me how she wanted to be a doctor and not be forced into the politics of her family. She didn’t want this mate hunt to happen. She’d been avoiding her family all year, hoping they would just let it go.

Now, when she brought up the hunt, I knew I had something interesting. So my historically inclined brain started making up all these ideas for how and why this hunt was happening to her, but not to her friends…. The wheels really began to turn then. CHASING SAM doesn’t get into a lot of details about the werewolf society’s history, but it lays the groundwork for the whole series.

But, back to the topic at hand, my inspiration comes from the characters. They are always first in my mind. I let them tell me their story and everything usually falls into place from there. I can remember even as a teenager, talking to myself, making up stories, writing down what the characters in my mind were saying. I’m so psyched that I’m finally getting share these friends with you.

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Finding Hope: Pool of Souls Book 2 - Coming Soon!

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  1. This story sounds really fascinating and different. I love that you started with the character first, and then wrote the story around her.

    1. Thanks! I hope you get a chance to read it ;-)

  2. thank you for hosting and I signed up for the newsletter! :)

  3. Thanks for hosting today and I signed up for the newslettrr. ;)

  4. It's amazing where inspiration can come from. Art, relatives, personal experiences. All great! Thanks for sharing!

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

    1. It really it. And it usually strikes when you least expect it....and can't seem to find a pen, LOL.

  5. Lol, loved the excerpt, it was hysterical!


  6. Great post , this book is a must read for me .I loved the excerpt and cover .