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[Book Tour] Baby Stetson by Nikki Lynn Barett / Fictional & Celebrity Crushes

Baby Stetson
Love and Music in Texas, Book One
By: Nikki Lynn Barrett

In small Texas towns, strangers come and go...

Left in a Stetson hat, on the steps of the local bed and breakfast, Avery Callimer came into the world on a wing and a prayer. Raised by loving adoptive parents, she's never lacked for love...only the knowledge of her past.

By day she works the Inn, but by night...Avery comes alive as lead singer in a band. Life was good...stable, until new guests blew into town. 

Some strangers come with secrets and lies.

Lucas Bennett is one such stranger. Drifting from one mess to another has left him jaded. Doesn't matter the dramas are never his doing. Giving it one last shot to make a fresh start lands him Harmony's Echo, Texas and smack dab in front of the tantalizing Avery.

Despite his best efforts to ignore the burn Avery's ignited within, he's intent to keep his distance. Secrets have followed him. Secrets he doesn't want Avery to know. Each time they're near the other things heat up like a brushfire on a dry Texas prairie. But maybe, after the dust settles and the smoke clears, love can bloom with a fresh start.

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Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She's an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade. The Secret Santa Wishing Well is her debut book. You can visit Nikki's site at: for more information. She is working on her next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at
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The Secret Santa Wishing Well

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked gently.  All he wanted was to sit beside her and hold her.  Instead, he stayed where he was, leaning up against the front porch post.

Avery’s gaze connected with his.  “Yeah.  I’ll be okay.”  Something in her tone called to him.  He was torn.  Move next to her, or back off?  Which one?

Moving to sit beside her won.  Whatever Avery did next, Lucas would deal with it.  He perched beside her on the swing.  The old wood creaked under his weight.  Avery watched him with those big, beautiful greenish gray eyes.  “Do you want me to go?  I’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want.”  Lucas hoped she would want him to stay, but wouldn’t blame her one bit if she chose the latter.

Why did he care so much?  Why did it have to be the one time that he started to feel again, it was for a woman that complicated things?  Ah, but life was so cruel, of course there were no answers to these things.  He should have never gotten so involved, so invested.  Avery wanted a life filled with traveling, because that’s what a singer did.  Lucas needed to stay in one place, find some roots and actually plant them.  Alone, or not alone.  What mattered was that those things needed to happen.  No more life as a shadow.  No, he was ready to find his own way.  How could he have lived, but yet not lived, for all of his adult life?

“You can stay,” Avery whispered.  She looked so stricken and sad, her eyes filled with confusion and a sadness Lucas had never seen.  She huddled by the arm of the swing, rocking back and forth, occasionally darting her gaze to look at him.  All Lucas wanted to do was gather her in his arms, hold her and make her problems fade into the background.

For what seemed like ages, they sat in silence again.  The swing squeaked while the rocking motion put Lucas in a daze.  This was nice.  Just sitting back and enjoying a breeze, not having to do anything.  Lucas flexed his wrists and when he moved his right one to rest on the seat, he found Avery’s hand there.  Sparks of awareness flowed through him like hot lava.  When his hand lingered over hers, he expected her to snatch it away, but was surprised when she didn’t.  Lucas took that as a sign.  He entwined his fingers with hers and shifted his body so he could face her.

“Avery, I want you to know that I like you.  A lot.  When I came here, I never expected things to progress like they did, and I’m not sorry for anything except for not coming to you with the truth earlier.  I wish I could make you understand.”  Lucas rushed the words.  He squeezed her hand, loving the way her fingers fit so perfectly with his own.

When had he started thinking like that?  Geez.  His mind was all over the place when it came to Avery Callimer.  Lucas had to admit he kind of liked it, though it terrified him at the same time.  What was this effect Avery had on him?  He could never give her the life she so desired.

Okay, what the fuck?  It’s not like she’s even asked for anything from you, other than the truth, so why in the world would you even think like that?

Yep.  There, once again, went those strange feelings.  He needed to think straight.  Not like that happened anytime he was in close range of this tantalizing woman.

Fictional and Celebrity Crushes

I think we all have them. Fictional and celebrity crushes.  I know I've had my share.  I thought I'd share a few of them, throughout my childhood and teen years, and a few from now.

 The first one, and I was really young, but I remember watching Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles with my brother and sister when we were younger. Loved that show! I don't know if it was because I liked purple or what, but I had a kid crush on Donatello.  Yes, I'm going out on a limb here to share that strange one with you  <Grins>  I was young! What can I say?

Then another one from when I was younger....I loved to watch the Waltons. It was one of my favorite shows.  Maybe it was the young writer in me, but I definitely crushed on John Boy Walton.  There was just something about him...:)

In my teen years, I remember having the BIGGEST crush on country singer Bryan White. With his gorgeous young boy looks and not to mention that sexy singing voice to go with it....oh yeah, I was hooked. I need that man to come back and make some more music. His voice was very soft, soothing and could send me into a world of shivers. I was so close to meeting him one time. I think I was fifteen.   I remember my dad threatened to tell him I wanted to marry him and I was so embarrassed. And I know that if we'd ended up meeting Bryan White that my dad would have gone through with his threat. But, we never got a chance to. We had to get to the airport to pick up someone, and I couldn't convince him to let me stay. Lol

 Another teen crush I had was on Barry Watson. Remember the show 7th Heaven? He played Matt Camden. I loved that show, and it didn't hurt that I got to see Barry Watson on it.

One of my biggest celebrity crushes- Keith Urban.  Blond, blue eyes, sexy accent, guitar player, and a great singing voice to go with it? Hellooooo, I'm sold! I would so love to get guitar lessons from him and sing a duet or two.  I've been to six Keith Urban concerts and enjoyed each and every one of them. I hooked my best friend on country music, and especially Keith so I have someone right there that understands my infatuation with him.  I won't say how many Keith Urban T-shirts I have and not to forget the Keith Urban blanket. Oops....did I just tell you that? Aww, man!

If you've ever watched the TV show One Tree Hill, you'll know the next fictional crush I'm going to mention. I actually got into that show late, at about season seven, but I was hooked. Soap Network started showing the older episodes, so I set them to DVR and watched it from the beginning, then I went out and bought them on DVD. I absolutely crushes on Lucas Scott.  (Go figure, another guy that likes to write) 

My latest fictional crushes- theres two. I love Deacon from Nashville. And I'll admit, I am fictional crushing on one of my own characters, Lucas Bennett.

There is something about Lucas that makes me shiver. His journey to a happily ever after had him facing a lot of demons. Lucas is hard to read and understand at first, but he definitely went through changes. He isn't one to open up, but when he does, he's sweet, funny and very protective. I was surprised by many of the things Lucas did. Yes, I wrote him, and was still surprised at how much Lucas changed.  He went from this gruff, detached guy to a tender, lovable one.  He's perfect for Avery.
So now that I've shared a handful of my fictional/ celebrity crushes. I want to know....who are some of yours? C'mon. Don't by shy! :)

Thank you so much for having me here today! Even if I'm a little beet red from some of my childhood crush quirks :) 

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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today!

  2. I remember the "crushes" you mentioned. Some of mine are much older (ahem) but newest one is Tony on NCIS. Funny, flirty, sometimes serious and humble. Love a man with "faults"!

    1. LOl Marianne. I'll have to check Tony out :)

      Thanks for coming by!

  3. I have had some of the same had a thing for John Boy Walton and Barry Watson too...and Keith Urban...YUM! I'll admit to having a celebrity crush on Michael Fassbender and Alexander Skarsgard now we're all honest at one point or another we've all had em...good post! Congrats on the release and good luck with the tour.

    1. Wow, we have similar taste, or at least at some point in our lives LOL!! I'm using Keith Urban as inspiration for my latest hero, since they're both blonde and play guitar. heeh. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Fun post, Nikki. I have to agree about Lucas. He is yummy.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Karen! Glad you agree! hehe. There is just something about him....:)

  5. Replies
    1. *giggle* what can I say? I was a kid! :P

  6. Keith is one of my crushes too! His video for Raining on Sunday can set me off all day long!

    1. Oooooh....Raining on Sunday...Love! Anything with Keith in it turns my attention!

  7. My youth crushes were Mr. Spock frim Star Trek and the 15yr old singer in my cousins' band! Lol Great post and excerpt. Am tweeting.

    1. LOL Jenna....Spock? Wow! We all have our interesting crushes :)

  8. LOL, I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Great show.
    I will confess I had many crushes on cartoon characters. My first was from the show Speed Racer. I can't remember his name now. Next I had a crush on Wildstar from the anime show called Star Blazers. Next was He-Man. Link from Legend of Zelda--still have a crush on him. I tell you this, if I was a video game character, I'd want to marry Link. Next was Vegita from Dragonball Z. Kakashi from Naruto. Many, many anime characters from many anime shows. Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Cas from Supernatural. Prince--not anymore, lol. Lord, I've had many crushes. This list could go on and on.

    1. Oh my god I forgot about Link...LOL how the heck did I forget about LInk? DO NOT TELL MY HUSBAND!!! He's a big Zelda fan and If I forgot about Link....well...just don't tell him!


    3. You're going to make me cry!!!! *Sniffles*

  9. Tough choice! Ummm...Thinking I am leaning towards bad-boy rock star.

  10. Good Ole' Boy Country Superstar
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  11. Badboy rockstar all the way baby!!