Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review - First Time for Everything by Aimee Carson - 4 Winks

First Time For Everything

Title: First Time for Everything
Author: Aimee Carson
Genre: Contemporary Category Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Kiss
Date: February 22, 2013
"So tell me, suit," she said, as lightly as she could. "What exactly is a virgin supposed to act like?"Jacqueline's new boss is none other than her friend's older brother—hot-shot lawyer Blake Bennington. His control freakery and his need to always, always be right would normally send fiery, unconventional Jax running a mile—but even she has to admit he looks edible in his bespoke suit!

She's quickly realizing she's way out of her depth…but with this contained, experienced guy, trying to get him to lose his cool is just a little too tempting….


After the first three pages, I knew I had a favorite author. After looking at her impressive list of books, I wondered, "How is it that I've missed Aimee Carson?" Her ability to describe her characters uniquely in just a few paragraphs, captured my interest immediately. When I can connect with a character in a simple paragraph like:

Gripping her arms, Blake stared down at the long, honey-colored hair, the Beatles T-shirt and the enticing cutoffs- not short enough to reveal the underwear beneath, but coming pretty damn close. His internal debate made a lateral move from his sex life to whether there was lace or a thong beneath the shorts. 
or just the simple line... "Duty versus Need. Lust versus reason."

One of my favorite aspects about the characters is the complete and total "opposites attract" trope. We have sexy, family-centered, lawyer Blake and fun, frilly, sassy Jax. Of course this plays in to their whole attraction and conflict. In the end, Carson had me rooting for them because even though they were opposites, they needed each other to center themselves. The characters also seem real, with real problems, that a normal heroine/hero wouldn't have. It was nice to see flaws that I've never read about.

Another favorite part of the novel is the S.E.X. Holy smoking wowza! The sexual tension that builds in the first part of the book makes for an amazing hot and sexy first sex scene (and a surprising fact that we learn along with it, but no spoilers!). All the sex scenes are hot -- be it sweet and tender or fast and hard. Loved it!

Overall, I give First Time for Everything  FOUR WINKS.  I loved the descriptions of the characters, the connections I made with them and the hot sex. Don't miss this one!

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